Eilert Sundt Systemdesign AS
The world's northernmost FileMaker developer

Eilert Sundt Systemdesign AS is based in Hammerfest, Norway – the world's northernmost city – and offers software development, graphic design and web development. Eilert Sundt Systemdesign was founded as a sole proprietorship in Norway in 2000 and reorganised as a private limited company in 2010. We serve customers all across Scandinavia. Our specialty is development of large database systems in FileMaker Pro
   Eilert Sundt Systemdesign AS is led by Dr. Eilert Sundt.

Eilert has close to twenty years' experience in developing and designing administrative database systems. He has worked as a professional database developer since 1996. The main bulk of the work has been in large integrated systems for project management and membership administration with invoicing, customer and memberhip contacts, booking systems among others.

Eilert is a professionally trained graphic designer, and has worked as a project manager in the graphic design business. He has developed several administrative systems specifically aimed at the graphic design industry.

In the autumn of 2000, Eilert completed his PhD in Philsophy at King's College London with the thesis "Kant and Epistemologoy of Metaphysics"

Eilert Sundt Systemdesign AS is a membrer of the FM Plan B scheme which ensures continued support and development of our solutions, should we become unable to contine. [More…]

Winner of SmallCo's Ergonomic Stimulus Award Contest 2009, presented at their February Design Caucus

Eilert Sundt Systemdesign AS is registered in Norway as a private limited company
VAT registration number: NO 995 311 747 MVA